Start Here!

Start Here

Let’s start small. Focus on these 3 simple steps.

Your Next Steps

1. Cook Your First Meal
See this weeks meal plan. Choose 1-2 recipes from the current plan. Buy those ingredients. Start having some fun in the kitchen!

2. Leave a comment
Anywhere here on the website and let me know what you cooked. And how did you find everything. What worked? What didn’t work? What would you do differently next time?

3. Take the 7-Day Meal Planning Kickstarter Program
It will be delivered to your email inbox automatically starting on Monday. But you can fast track and access all the lessons over here.

Stay Focused

For the first 3 weeks, focus on cooking simple meals and building the meal planning habit. I don’t want you doing anything else for 3 weeks at least.


Only when you have the habits in place, start exploring the 30-Day Simple Kitchen Reboot and the other programs and bonuses on the site.

If you have any questions or need help with anything leave a comment below.

I’m so excited you’ve decided to make some changes to the way you plan, cook and eat.

It’s going to be fun.

You can do it!

With love,
Jules x

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PS. Want to join the 10-Day Healthy Dinner Challenge?
It starts 13th July 2020. More details over here.

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Cynthia Broaddrick June 18, 2020

Jules, I was unsure how the Ratatouille would go over, but was determined to try. 3 of the 5 of us really enjoyed it! (I was almost hoping someone would not like it so I could have more!) Ha! I had some couscous from earlier in the day that I used to mix some in for the son I thought might not like it as much. That plan worked well for him. My husband loved it, and so did my eldest son! The youngest, 17 years old, ate was was given him, so, I consider that a win, too. Thank you for getting my family to eat eggplant!
For now, I have decided to use an old fashioned paper list, although in the future I may try the app “Out of Milk”. I have never heard of it. Thanks for the information about it!


jules June 18, 2020

Oh wonderful Cynthia!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

And great work adding the couscous for your skeptics. I use that trick all the time with my boys (4 and 6) so good to know it works on older boys too!

If you’re happy with a paper list then keep doing what works 🙂


Charles Haberman June 15, 2020

After at least a decade living with a range with 1.5 functioning burners and very few Salvation Army saucepans, I have “graduated” and within a week will have a brand new gas range and a couple new pans. Looking forward to a new adventure. Need guidance, but I’m ready!


jules June 15, 2020

Oh wow Charles – how fun to have new equipment!

Just trust your instinct, take it slowly AND leave a comment if you have any questions.

I’m here to guide you. It’s going to be fun!


Meredith Mink June 14, 2020

Hi Jules! So excited to get started! After long days at work it will be fantastic to come home and not have to figure out what to do about dinner every night.


jules June 14, 2020

Welcome Meredith!

I’m excited for you as well. You’re totally in the right place.

For most people I recommend starting small.

Choose 1-2 recipes.

Get those ingredients.

Have some fun in the kitchen.

And leave a comment letting me know what you cooked.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Meredith Mink June 14, 2020

Hi Jules! So excited to get started! After long days at work it will be fantastic to come home and not figure out what to do about dinner every night.


Cynthia Broaddrick June 11, 2020

Hello Jules,
Since I just joined today, June 11, does that mean I have until July 11 for my first thirty days? Also, is this an automatic debit from my account? If so, will it be debited on the 11th of each month? In the event that I need to cancel at some point, how is that properly done?
I am excited to try this!
Thank you!


jules June 11, 2020

Welcome Cynthia!

Yes. you will be billed on the 11th each month. And if you want to cancel just reply to any of the emails I send you and let me know.

I’m so glad you decided to join! Excited to hear what you cook first.



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