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1. Watch the Welcome Video

2. Download Your First Meal Plan

You’ll get the next meal plan on Friday morning (Australian time).
To get a head start, choose one of the meal plans below to download:

* My First Meal Plan [Warmer Weather]
* My First Meal Plan [Cooler Weather]

Remember to start small.
Choose 1-2 recipes to cook, go shopping and have some fun in the kitchen!

**Super Important!**
Make sure you use Adobe Reader to open your meal plan pdfs – its FREE!
For your computer:
For your mobile device:

3. Checkout Your Bonuses

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Click HERE to access your FREE Bonuses.

With love,
Jules x

ps. Need help?
Either leave a comment anywhere on the site or email me

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Maurice Galipeau February 22, 2018

This is too fast. I just saw my first meal plan and it diappeaaraed before I could read it.
If tomorrow’s plan is going to be like this one, I’ll never have anything to eat.


jules February 23, 2018

Sorry Maurice…

You should have the meal plan in your email every Friday OR you can download on the Soupstones dashboard page over here :

It’s a weekly plan not daily.

Not sure what happened for you. ..

Did you get the email this week?

Am sure we can work it out! I’d hate for you to go hungry 😉

And there are the two ‘my first meal plans’ on this page you can download and start with – actually it’s better if you right click on the links and ‘save link as’ instead of just clicking… is that why your meal plans ‘disappeared?’


Betsy Salunek October 30, 2017

Although it all seems overwhelming…tonight I made the Paneer dish for the Vegetarian husband. Normally, I ask him if he liked the dish when I tried something new. Tonight, he stopped, looked at me and with surprise on his face gave it the thumbs up and said, “delicious!!”

I’m a bit lost trying to follow all this printed you include lunches and breakfasts??


jules October 30, 2017

Glad your husband enjoyed it Betsy!

Sorry if you’re finding it overwhelming. I try and include lots of information to make sure you’re covered for different situations.

The meal plans are just 5 dinners + 1 dessert every week.

No lunches or breakfasts because I wanted to keep it simple.

But I have created a separate one-off lunch-only meal plan to include as a bonus for 6 month+ members. And will do something similar for breakfasts but these will always be separate.

Sounds like you’re on the right track. Just keep choosing 1-2 meals at a time and take it from there.

Is there anything else you’re struggling with?


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