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NOTE: Start with the 7-Day Meal Planning Kick Starter and the 30-Day Simple Kitchen Reboot.

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Cooking Skills

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In-depth Programs

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Short Programs

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Talia Chakraborty June 28, 2020

Hi Jules! Just joined and made the Chinese beef recipe. Beautiful, bright flavors! I love all the mods you offer and how simple the recipes are. Thanks for taking the emotional labor of meal planning off of my plate!


jules June 28, 2020

Oh wondeful Talia!

I need to make some beef cheeks – so glad you enjoyed.

And happy to take the emotional labour off your place. It’s fun for me.



Sue Sparkman May 23, 2020

I want to cancel my subscription to the meal planning and get a refund. Lovely idea but just not what would eat. I can’t find where to cancel on your website. Thank you.


jules May 23, 2020

Thanks for letting me know Sue.

Will look after this and contact you via email.

All the best!
Jules x


Janet October 31, 2019

Hi Jules,
I am interested in the
How to Love your waistline cookbook …. that I get the email about.
Do I have to buy it if I am already a member?
Thanks, Janet


Viktória Eisenberger October 31, 2019

Hi Janet!

That’s exactly what came here looking for when I came here 🙂
But then I found it under More/Bonuses/eCookbooks! Hope that helps!



jules November 1, 2019

Hi Janet + Viktoria!

Yes the very old first edition of How to Love Your Waistline is already available on the bonuses page.

The latest version which is completely new will be available here for free in March 2020.

Thanks for your interest!


Dianne Shead April 20, 2019

Hi Jules
It’s been awhile between conversations. I am still using strategies I learned through being a participant in your coaching sessions.
I haven’t viewed your site for sometime and I was pleased to see a Low-carb program. I have been partaking in LCHF regime for sometime now under the guidance of my GP and soon to have a session with a nutritionist to tweak things a bit. This is the first way of eating that I have found easy. (I think this is because of the group discussions in the coaching group.)
I still have my autoimmune disease(myasthenia gravis) which I now expect will be a lifetime thing but I am dealing with it. My energy levels still drop low when my IVIG treatments are due (every three weeks now) and I have cut down to three days a week for work.
I have just returned from a ten day holiday to be with my grandkids in Melbourne and was able to enjoy myself albeit with many early nights.
I now know how to plan ahead for situations (thanks to you). I was never a planner but now it is a big part of my life.
I very rarely rely on take-away meals and all my food from home is made from scratch. I batch make seed crackers, grain free granola and grain free bread weekly now.
All in all life is good and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


jules April 22, 2019

Hi Di!
So so lovely to hear from you.
And even more glad to hear you’re finding LCHF easy 🙂
So happy you’re in a good place with life.
You totally deserve it Di.
Keep up the amazing work!


Sandra Carrick June 19, 2019

So great to hear you are doing better Di. Keep up the great work. Your coaching buddies are cheering you on!


Dianne Shead June 20, 2019

Hi Sandy, Hope you are doing well. Miss our Friday sessions.


jules June 22, 2019

I miss you guys too!


Megan McMahon September 12, 2018

Just checked out the new site. I love it,the pictures that go with each recipe and lay out are excellent. Really like it a lot.


Sue August 25, 2018

Hi Jules, I joined a few days ago and have had a lovely time downloading the books (haven’t even got through them all yet) and they’ve rekindled my love for cooking. I especially love the big breakfast book, which I downloaded today, and would really be interested in the lunch one. Cheers Sue


jules August 25, 2018

Welcome Sue!
And thanks for letting me know about the lunch ebook – it’s on my list!


Naomi Herzog August 22, 2018

So great to be back on board with SVCS, thanks Jules for opening up lifetime memberships. There is so much here. Have always loved Stonesoup and your whole approach to food.

Looking forward to integrating strategies, recipes and having some fun making delicious food.
Naomi 🙂


jules August 23, 2018

Wonderful to have you back Naomi!
Let me know if there’s anything you need help with / or anything you’re really loving about the SVCS


Mary K Frymire July 18, 2018

Thanks for the monthly videos. I just listened to your July vid. and decided that this gives me a good starting place to “jump back into” Stone Soup VCS. Sometimes I can be overwhelmed by too much of a good thing, so I don’t take advantage.
So, my promise to myself is to check out all the features you discussed and try at least one recipe per topic (one Sauce, one Japanese recipe, etc.).
It does seem like you are always improving things for your students and it’s much appreciated!
I’m a little envious of you wearing a sweater, as I am in the dog days of summer here in the U.S. Midwest.


jules July 18, 2018

Welcome back Mary!

And love that you’re planning to keep it simple – that really is the key. Let me know how you go this month with your sauce and japanese.

I do love the winters! Its so hard to imagine it being Summer again.


Mary van Liessum July 9, 2018

Hi Jules,

I am a new member and want to thank you for your generosity in sharing all the beautiful downloadable cookbooks. I love breakfast food and have breakfast lunches often. A lunch cookbook would be wonderful too. I made my first recipe last night which was Cabbage ‘Lasagna’ and my “I don’t like sour cream” husband just loved it 🙂 I am looking forward to changing cooking from a chore to a joy.
Best wishes


jules July 10, 2018

Welcome Mary!

Good to know you’re interested in lunches. It’s on my list!

So glad your husband enjoyed the lasagna.

And you’re totally in the right place of you want cooking to be a joy!


Susan123 June 1, 2018

Thanks so much for the breakfast book! What a nice gift !I struggle coming up with ideas for easy and healthy breakfasts, so this will be a big help! I would love it if you would create one for lunches as well.


jules June 5, 2018

Brilliant Susan!

Will get onto the lunches book asap!



Susan Stone June 1, 2018

What a great book! I’m finding all sorts of things I’m interested in making. I would definitely be interested in something similar for lunches. And this dashboard page looks fabulous – it makes everything far more easily accessible. Well done!


jules June 5, 2018

Thanks Susan!

So glad you’re finding the dashboard page more useful.

And will get onto the lunches book pronto!



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