Baked Salmon with Crunchy Nut Crust


Baked Salmon w Crunchy Nut Crust

Baked Salmon with Crunchy Nut Crust

Every time I bake fish in the oven like this, I am so happy I did.

It’s so easy.

Just pop some veg in a baking dish. Top with fish. Bake in a hot oven for about 10 minutes.

No need to keep a constant watch on your frying pan.

No fishy smells in the house afterwards.

Easy cleanup too.

The nut crust also deserves a mention. I love how it adds texture, flavour and substance to this simple supper. With minimal effort.

Draining the yoghurt makes it a little thicker so the nuts stick to the fish like a proper crust.

But if you can’t be bothered, it’s still good with the yoghurt drizzled over as a sauce.

If it’s not asparagus season for you now, don’t let that stop you from enjoying this! Just see the variations for alternative veg ideas.

And a quick word about nuts.

I’ve used a combo of macadamias, almonds and walnuts but any of these on their own are also delicious. I’ve tested them separately and I had a slight preference for walnuts and my Irishman preferred the macadamias. Need to try it with pine nuts or pistachios too!

Enough for: 2
Takes: 20 minutes
Net carbs: 14g/serve

200g (7oz) Greek yoghurt
2 bunches asparagus (see variations for alternatives)
1 lemon, halved
2 salmon or other fish fillets
small bunch parsley leaves
100g (3.5oz) roast nuts, chopped

1. Line a sieve with a few pieces of paper towel or a cheese cloth. Scoop youghurt into the sieve and place it on top of a bowl to catch the liquid that drains out. Place in the fridge while you cook the fish.

2. Turn your oven to 250C (480F). Trim the asparagus by snapping off the bottom of the spears (about an inch). Place asparagus and lemon halves in the base of a baking dish. Drizzle with a little oil. Top with fish fillets (skin side up). Sprinkle with salt.

3. Pop in the oven and set your timer for 10 minutes.

4. When the timer rings, check the fish. You want it to look golden brown and when you poke it with a knife the flesh should flake and not look raw in the middle. If it’s not cooked through return to the oven for another 2-3 minutes.

5. When the fish is cooked. Divide asparagus and lemon between two plates. Toss in parsley leaves. Place a piece of fish on the side. Get the yoghurt out of the fridge. Spread the thickened yoghurt on top of the fish and press the nuts on top to form the crust.

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WINE MATCH: A well chilled white. Chardonnay is always excellent with salmon.

Variations & Substitutions

pantry-friendly – asparagus + parsley = frozen greens. Yoghurt = 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or softened butter – drizzle over and top with nuts instead of the yoghurt. Lemon = vinegar.

no asparagus / different vegetables – you want something that will cook quickly or that you don’t mind if it’s still crunchy like asparagus. Snowpeas, green beans, sugar snap peas, broccolini, chopped broccoli, sliced zucchini or red peppers all spring to mind.

keto / ultra low carb – skip the yoghurt.

vegetarian – replace fish with fried or poached eggs or drained canned or home cooked chickpeas. Chunks of avocado, mushrooms or eggplant would also be good.

dairy-free – use hummus, almond hummus or this cashew sauce or cashew yoghurt instead of the yoghurt. A dollop of mayo will also work.

no yoghurt – see the dairy-free ideas above or replace with 100g (3.5oz) soft cheese like goats cheese or ricotta.

nut-free – toasted bread crumbs or just skip the crust.

more substantial (carb lovers) – toss in boiled spuds with the asparagus. Or serve with roast sweet potato, steamed rice, other cooked grains or pita bread.

more substantial (low carb) – extra nuts, extra fish, extra veg or avocado.

Low FODMAP – replace asparagus with boiled potatoes. Use macadamias as the nuts. And use lactose free yoghurt.

different protein – any fish fillets can be used. Whole fish is another option but will require a longer cooking time depending on the size. Chicken breast or thigh fillets or lamb chops can also be used – adjust cooking time as needed. The roast asparagus, drained yoghurt and nuts are all lovely with pre-cooked or canned fish. Eggs – poached or fried are also options.

Waste Avoidance Strategy

yoghurt – usually has a shelf life of a month or so. Otherwise, have it for another meal like breakfast! Don’t freeze.

asparagus – can be frozen but best to use for another meal.

lemon – whole lemon will keep wrapped in a plastic bag in the fridge for months.

salmon or other fish fillets – freeze them.

– will keep in the fridge wrapped in a plastic bag for a few weeks. Can be frozen or make a parsley oil by packing the leaves into a clean jar and covering with extra virgin olive oil.

roast nuts – keep them in the pantry.

Prepare Ahead

Yes! Just cook as per the recipe but keep the yoghurt and nuts separately. The yoghurt can be drained for up to 48 hours ahead. Leftovers will keep in the fridge for up to 1 week. The drained yoghurt will keep for longer if you scoop it into an airtight jar. The cooked fish and veg can be frozen. Don’t freeze the yoghurt. Serve chilled or warm in the oven then top with yoghurt and nuts as per the recipe.

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Paul Weinberger May 12, 2020

Hi, I made this with tilapia, fresh green beans, greek yogurt and walnuts.


jules May 12, 2020

Yum Paul!


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