Raspberries & Cream with Quick Chocolate Sauce


Raspberries & Cream with Quick Chocolate Sauce-3

Raspberries & Cream with Quick Chocolate Sauce

This quick chocolate sauce is a life saver on those days where you haven’t planned dessert but then feel like a little ‘somethin’ somethin’ after dinner.

It’s super easy, just takes a minute to whip up and is the best way to ‘dress up’ my favourite Low Carb go-to dessert of fruit and cream.

enough for: 2
takes: 10 minutes

50g (2oz) dark chocolate, finely chopped
2 tablespoons boiling water
1 punnet raspberries (125g / 4oz)
4-6 tablespoons whipped or double cream.

1. For the sauce, place chocolate in a small bowl. Pour over boiling water and stand for a few minutes.

2. Divide half the raspberries between two glasses or tea cups. Top with cream and remaining raspberries.

3. Stir chocolate until the sauce is smooth and glossy (if there are lumps you can leave it a little chunky or zap it in the microwave for a few seconds). Drizzle sauce over the fruit and cream.

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WINE MATCH: I like a cup of milky tea but a Boytrytis Semillon would be my pick if I was indulging in a dessert wine.

Variations & Substitutions

dairy-free – use coconut yoghurt or whipped coconut cream.

different fruit – feel free to use any berries, cherries, peaches or plums. Roast pears are heavenly with the sauce.

crunchy – sprinkle over roast almonds or hazelnuts, roast shaved coconut or chocolate granola.

lower-carb – use a chocolate with higher cocoa solids. My favourite is Lindt 90%. Be careful as some dark chocolates are 50% sugar – so read the label.

carb-lovers – replace cream with vanilla ice cream.

frozen fruit – will be a little mushier but still delicious!

Waste Avoidance Strategy

dark chocolate – keep it in the pantry.

raspberries – freeze them.

cream – unopened cartons will generally keep in the fridge for another week. If you need to store for longer, just pop in the freezer in a sealed container. Or freeze in icecube trays so you can easily defrost just what you need.

Prepare Ahead

Best assembled just before eating.

Raspberries & Cream with Quick Chocolate Sauce

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Jules June 8, 2020

Made the chocolate sauce today to have with roast pears and cream.

Used 95% cocoa solids chocolate. Incredibly intense! But surprisingly the texture worked well.


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