Corn & Miso Salad


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Corn & Miso Salad

If you’re in Oz, make sure you make this before corn season ends! It’s lovely on its own but also super tasty as a side to some BBQ salmon or other fish. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, frozen corn will also work but you may need a little more miso to tone down that super sweetness.

Inspired by the Lovely Emma Knowles from my favourite food mag – Australian Gourmet Traveller.

Enough for: 2 as a side
Takes: 30-40 minutes

2 small cobs corn
1 tablespoon miso, preferably white
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 tablespoon tahini
1 bunch coriander (cilantro), torn

1. Preheat your oven to 200C (400F). Pop unpeeled corn on a tray and bake whole for 20-30 minutes or until corn kernels are hot and cooked.

2. While the corn is cooling, mix miso, vinegar, tahini and 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large bowl. Taste and season with salt or extra miso as needed.

4. When the corn is cool enough to touch, peel away the husks and ribbony silks. Cut kernels from the cob and toss in the dressing. Discard the husks.

5. Serve with coriander on top.


no miso – use a little soy sauce instead.

different vinegar – use sherry vinegar, white wine vinegar or champagne vinegar. Apple cider vinegar will also work.

frozen corn – pan fry about 2.5 cups corn kernels in a little butter until warm then toss into the dressing.

different veg – frozen peas or broad beans will also work.

more veg – Toss in sliced snow peas or shaved radishes.

carnivore – toss in some crunchy bacon or serve with roast or grilled chicken.

different herbs – if you hate coriander try mint, basil or flat leaf parsley or any combo of these.

more substantial – you could toss in some cooked noodles to make it more of a meal or try adding some steamed basmati or brown rice or cooked quinoa.

no tahini – you could use almond butter or another nut butter or leave it out of the dressing and serve the salad sprinkled with sesame seeds.

short on time – use frozen corn kernels (see above) instead of roasting whole corn.

more veg
– add crunchy veg such as cucumber, bell peppers (capsicum).

paleo (grain, legume & dairy-free) – replace butter with olive oil.

Waste Avoidance Strategy

corn / radishes – will keep in the fridge for weeks.

rice vinegar – keep it on the pantry.

tahini – I keep mine in the pantry but will keep longer in the fridge if open.

miso – unopened in pantry or in fridge once opened.

coriander (cilantro) – freeze it in a plastic bag.

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Becca August 28, 2015

Tried this tonight and it was delish, though I needed to nearly double the corn to lessen the intensity of the sauce for my husband and toddler–but with those proportions it was a big hit!


jules September 3, 2015

GReat Becca!
I guess the dressing can be a bit intense for young taste buds


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