Super Yum Bacon & Cabbage


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Super Yum Bacon & Cabbage

My Irishman tells me that bacon and cabbage is a traditional dish from Limerick. He’s a big fan of his Mum, Geraldine’s version. I knew it was a bit risky to mess around with a family favourite but I couldn’t help myself. Instead of boiling the cabbage, I just soften it in a little oil which saves time and reduces the risk of any ‘smelly’ cabbagey flavours.

enough for: 2
takes: 15 minutes

3-4 slices bacon, chopped
1 bunch leeks, washed & white parts sliced OR 1 onion
1/2 small cabbage or 1/4 large, sliced
1 tablespoon rice or other wine vinegar

1. Heat a medium saucepan on a medium heat. Add a little olive oil and brown bacon.

2. Then add the leeks and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring when you think of it.

3. When the leeks have started to soften, add the cabbage and a splash of water. Cover and cook, stirring every few minutes until the cabbage is ‘al dente’ or just soft. Somewhere from 5-10 minutes.

4. Season with salt and pepper and vinegar. Serve hot.


different cabbage thicknesses – I like to slice my cabbage finely using my knife, so not as fine as a mandoline. This way the cabbage cooks quickly. If you’re after a more chunky look, cutting the cabbage into 1 inch ribbons will also work, just expect a longer cooking time.

more veg – serve with flat leaf parsley leaves, baby spinach or a few spoonfuls of home made sauerkraut. Another option is to serve with salad or add carrot, onion or Brussels sprouts.

different cabbage – I’ve used white cabbage in the picture but we love this with red cabbage (and balsamic vinegar) or savoy as well. You could also use brussels sprouts, just remember to slice them finely so they cook quickly. Kale can also be used.

vegetarian – just skip the bacon and serve with a salty cheese crumbled over like feta OR replace bacon with sun dried tomatoes, smoked almonds and serve with a poached egg.

herby – a little thyme or sage added with the onions is also lovely.

carb lovers – toss in cooked pasta or serve with steamed or mashed potatoes.

more substantial (low carb) – almonds or extra cabbage.

vegan – replace bacon with smoked tofu or skip the bacon and serve topped with roasted or smoked nuts such as almonds.

carnivore – add extra bacon or serve with pork chops.

Waste Avoidance Strategy

bacon – freeze it.

leeks – will keep for weeks in a plastic bag in the fridge.

cabbage – will keep wrapped in a plastic bag in the fridge for weeks if not months.

rice or other wine vinegar / onion
– keep it in the pantry.

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Kelly Tackett September 16, 2017

I’ve made this a couple times with onions (usually have some around the house). I finally splurged and bought leeks. I’d never used them before. I love the different flavor it added!


jules September 21, 2017

Wonderful Kelly!
I’m the same with leeks – I usually don’t have them because they seem so expensive for what you get… but when I do splurge I love them so much.


Allyson Sherriffs August 9, 2017

Made this last night and it was a big hit, I used red cabbage and added balsamic vinegar as per your suggestion. ?


jules August 9, 2017

Nice one Allyson… you’ve inspired me to cook it for our dinner with Chorizo instead of the bacon! Thank you! Jx


Lindy Green June 9, 2016

Loving this! Today got a purple Chinese cabbage so will try that with balsamic next. Your my minimalist cooking inspiration, in a too fast too busy world. Thank you for creating space and ease in my kitchen. Lindy


jules June 9, 2016

You’re so welcome Lindy!


Chris Urquhart June 4, 2016

Delicious, and so quick and simple!


jules June 9, 2016

Yay Chris!


Mary May 16, 2016

This bacon and cabbage recipe looks delish. I love cabbage, so am always on the lookout for a new (and simple – thanks Jules) recipe.
Can’t wait to try this yummy and inexpensive dish.


jules May 19, 2016

Welcome Mary! It’s awesome with Brussels sprouts too 🙂


Mary Frymire March 26, 2019

I made this a couple days ago (2nd time) and it’s fabulous! The taste is great, only to be outdone by the simplicity and inexpensive ingredients.

Hmm, leeks / Brussels sprouts options! Love it 🙂


jules March 27, 2019

Absolutely Mary!
I can’t wait for Brussels Sprouts season here 🙂


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