Boiled Eggs


boiled eggs & curried chickpeas

Moon-Crater-Free Boiled Eggs

This is the best method I’ve found to get reliably easy-to-peel boiled eggs.

The big secret for great boiled is to use older eggs, not the ones fresh from your chooks (if you’re lucky enough to have any!). It’s the opposite of poached eggs which are best with super fresh eggs.

takes: 15 minutes
makes: as many as you cook!

as many eggs as you need

1. Place eggs in a small saucepan. Cover with cold water. Bring to a simmer.

2. When the eggs start simmering, set your timer for 8 minutes.

3. As soon as your timer rings, drain the eggs and transfer to a bowl. Run cold water over the eggs for a minute and then let the eggs sit in the water until cool.

4. Bash the eggs on the side of your sink to crack the shells all over.

5. Roll the egg between your hands to help loosen the membrane. Gently peel the membrane and shell from the eggs.


different eggs – these instructions are for hen eggs. You can use this method for other eggs such as quail or duck, you’ll just need to adjust the cooking time.

soft boiled – reduce cooking time to 4 minutes for really runny and 6 minutes for less so.

Usage Suggestions

breakfast on the go – just boil up a batch and keep them in their shells in the fridge to grab for breakkie on the go.

healthy snack – as above for snack time.

with chickpeas – in this curried chickpea recipe.

in salads – halve and add to your favourite salad or chop and use as the dressing for a potato salad.

in curries – use as a vegetarian alternative to meats in curries like this massaman curry. Just make the sauce and add the peeled and halved eggs just before serving.

Prepare Ahead?

Absolutely. Takes about 15 minutes. I like to make up a big batch to have on hand for quick meals during the week.

Storage Best Practices

Store either with the shell on or peeled in an airtight container or ziplock bag. Will keep in the fridge for 1 week if peeled or 2 weeks or so if left in the shell. Not great to freeze.

Waste Avoidance Strategy

eggs – boiling will help them keep longer! Raw egg can be frozen, just break and put in a container as whole eggs will crack in the freezer.

Problem Solving Guide

eggs too runny – they weren’t simmered for long enough ( a bit of premature timer starting). Just rename them ‘soft’ boiled eggs.

shells difficult to peel – its probably because your eggs were too fresh. If you’re lucky enough to be sourcing eggs straight from the chicken, I find it’s best to poach the super-fresh ones and leave the older eggs for boiling.

funny dark colour around the yolk – this is a sulfide (I can’t remember which one) but it is likely to form if your boiled eggs aren’t cooled quickly enough. To prevent this next time make sure you rinse the eggs under the running water for a few minutes and then pop straight into a bowl of cold water.

yolks dry and crumbly – this is what an overcooked egg looks like. Not much we can do now, but next time be more vigilant in watching for the water to come to a simmer and set your timer asap!

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