Friday Night Pizza Menu


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Friday Night Pizza Menu

pizza dough

kale & sausage pizza
roast beet & cheddar pizza
cheese & onion pizza
bluey special pizza
rocket pear & parmesan salad

berry sorbetto

w2 pizza dough w2 kale & sausage pizza_-2 w2 beet & cheddar pizza w2 cheese & onion pizza-2
w2 bluey special pizza w5 pear & rocket salad-2 mixed berry sorbet

a quick look at my home pizza oven setup

menu variations for fun

vegetarian – follow the vegetarian suggestions for each recipe.

– surprisingly pizza can be delicious without any cheese. I’ve included vegan suggestions for each recipe. MY favourite vegan pizza is potato and rosemary. Shave a large potato into slices using a mandoline or sharp knife. Toss in olive oil with the leaves from one sprig of rosemary. Spread potato and rosemary mixture on the surface of your dough and bake until golden and the potato is cooked through. Be generous with the seasoning. And chunks of avocado scattered over a hot tomato pizza would be another great vegan option.

the lazy cook / short on time? – you could get delivery from your favourite pizza joint and serve with the salad and your ‘home made’ sorbet for dessert. The other option is to use commercial pizza bases or pita bread instead of making your own dough – but the texture won’t be any where near as good. And use pre-cooked beets or skip the beet pizza instead of spending an hour roasting them.

healthier – Decrease the number of pizzas and serve a more substantial salad instead. Something like this chickpea & vegetable salad.

adding a starter – you could either make ‘garlic bread’ – scatter a rolled out dough with finely sliced garlic and drizzle well with olive oil. Bake until just golden. OR serve some antipasto – a selection of cheeses, salamis and pickled veg all from your favourite deli.

menu step-by-step planning guide + timing

menu total active time: 4.5 hours

step 1. any time up to 5 days before
Roast the beets (1 hour)

step 2. 2 hours before your guests arrive
Make and knead your pizza dough. Cover. (15 minutes)
Make tomato sauce for the tomato pizzas (10 minutes)
Cook onion for the cheese & onion + kale pizza (10 minutes)
Cook add kale to the onion for the kale pizza (10 minutes)
Remove sausage, prosciutto, thyme and cheeses from the fridge (5 minutes)
Shave parmsean for the salad and chop cheddar for the pizza (10 minutes)

step 3. 1 hour before guests arrive
Pop your pizza stone(s) into the oven and preheat on the hottest setting (2 mins)
Set the table (10 minutes)
Put plates somewhere to warm (1 minutes)
Make salad dressing. Slice pear and toss in the dressing. Wash your rocket leaves and keep in the fridge (15 minutes)
Change into your party outfit (20 minutes)

step 4. when guests arrive
Appoint someone to look after drinks (especially yours!) (1 minute)

step 5. about 30 minutes after guests arrive
Roll out your first pizza. Top and pop in the oven to cook (15 minutes).
Get someone to call the guests to the table.
While the first pizza is in the oven roll out and prepare the 2nd pizza (10 minutes)
Serve the first pizza and pop the second pizza in the oven. Set the timer for 5 minutes.
Sit with your guests and enjoy the first pizza
When the timer goes, check the second pizza. When it’s cooked serve the second pizza (10 minutes)

step 6. about 1 hour after guests arrive
Add the rocket (leaving some for the Bluey special) and parmesan to the salad. Toss Serve the salad as a break from pizza and enjoy some wine (10 minutes)
Roll out the 3rd pizza and cook. While the 3rd pizza is cooking prepare the 4th pizza. (15 minutes)
When the 3rd pizza is cooked, pop the 4th into the oven. Set the alarm for 5 minutes. (10 minutes)
Take the 3rd to the table.
When the buzzer goes, check on the 4th pizza and serve when ready.

step 7. when you’re ready
Delegate someone to clear the table (5 minutes)
Make tea or coffee (10 minutes)
If you feel like it stack the dishwasher and put a load on – or delegate this step. (10 minutes)
Whizz the sorbet in the food processor and serve (15 minutes)

step 8. when the guests leave
Finish cleaning up + congratulate yourself!

menu problem solving guide

Note: for problems with individual recipes see the problem solving guide for each recipe.

guests running late
Depending on how everyone feels, either wait until they arrive, or get the first pizza on so the rest of you don’t starve.

no pizza stone? – Preheat and oven tray in the middle of the oven and transfer your dough onto the hot tray. I have also used those ‘pizza’ trays with holes in the bottom which are OK but don’t give as lovely a crust as you get with a pizza stone.

pizza stone cracks – leave it in place and pop and oven tray on top and keep cooking on the oven tray. If you had a pizza cooking when the stone cracked, carefully remove and inspect for any stone shards, if it looks safe then serve anyway but if you’re at all worried about it, throw that pizza away.

oven smoking – This can be a real downer to the party so take precautions. It’s important to remove any leftover semolina or flour from the pizza stone after you bake each pizza. I find the best way to do this is to just scrape it to the back with my pizza peel. If you don’t have a pizza peel, you can use your hand inside a thick oven mitt to wipe the pizza stone down or even a very large wad of scrunched up news paper. Best to have some windows open while you’re cooking the pizza to make sure you get fresh air in.

guests early
I hate when this happens! Get them to fix themselves a drink while you finish whatever you were doing then return to the plan.

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