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All About The Beef Menu Menu

crostini with smashed peas, mint & parmesan
pepper crusted beef fillet
buttermilk mash
burnt carrot salad
no-bake chocolate ‘tart’

pea & parmesan crostini w2 pepper crusted beef chimichurri_-5
18. veggie mash burnt carrot salad-3 no-bake chocolate pecan 'pie'-3

menu variations for fun

vegetarian – try tofu steaks instead of the beef and serve with chimmichurri mash. For vegan mash and dessert see the vegan alternatives.

the lazy cook / short on time? – Serve your best olive oil with crusty bread as a starter – or a few of your favourite cheeses or salami. Skip the chimmichurri and serve mustard with the beef. Make sure you chop the spuds small so they cook quickly for the mash. Replace the burnt carrot salad with a quick mixed leaf salad. And just serve a variety of good quality chocolates instead of the ‘tart’.

healthier – skip the mash and serve beef with another salad or some lovely lentils. And replace the chocolate dessert with a big bowl of fresh berries and some natural yoghurt.

budget – replace beef with cheaper cuts of steak and serve pepper steaks with the mash instead.

menu step-by-step planning guide + timing

menu total active time: 4 hours

step 1. any time up to 5 days and at least 2 hours before
Make chocolate ‘tart’ (15 minutes)

step 2. 2 hours before guests arrive
Boil spuds for the mash. Drain and return to the saucepan & keep warm (60 minutes)
Remove beef from the fridge (1 minute)
Char carrots for the salad and make dressing (15 minutes)

step 3. 1 hour before guests arrive
Make chimmichurri (10 minutes)
Make pea mash for the crostini & slice bread (10 minutes)
Grind pepper for the beef + preheat oven to 180C (350F) (5 minutes)
Set the table (10 minutes)
Put plates somewhere to warm (1 minutes)
Change into your party outfit (20 minutes)

step 4. when guests arrive
Appoint someone to look after drinks (especially yours!) (1 minute)
Put pea mash on bread and serve crostini (5 minutes)
Preheat pan for the beef. Cover beef with pepper on all sides. Brown beef on all sides. Transfer to the oven. (10 minutes)
Mingle while the beef cooks.

step 5. about 30 minutes after guests arrive
After the beef has been baking for the allotted time. Check doneness and wrap in foil. (15-20 minutes)
Rest beef (10 minutes)
Mash spuds and reheat with hot milk and butter while the beef rests. (10 minutes)

step 6. about 1 hour after guests arrive
Dress salad and serve on the table. (5 minutes)
Divide mash and beef between plates and serve with chimmichurri on the side (10 minutes)
Enjoy some wine!

step 7. when you’re ready
Delegate someone to clear the table (5 minutes)
Make tea or coffee (10 minutes)
If you feel like it stack the dishwasher and put a load on – or delegate this step. (10 minutes)
Serve dessert (5 minutes)

step 8. when the guests leave
Finish cleaning up + congratulate yourself!

menu problem solving guide

Note: for problems with individual recipes see the problem solving guide for each recipe.

guests running late – no problem. Serve the crostini if you like but wait until they arrive to cook the beef. If it’s getting super late, you could start cooking the beef.

guests early
I hate when this happens! Get them to fix themselves a drink while you finish whatever you were doing then return to the plan.

beef not cooked when carving – most people will be happy with ‘rare’ beef. So ask. If it’s a problem you can always pop it back in the oven or slice into steaks and just cook until the outsides are brown.

cook running late / short on time – Focus on getting the beef cooked to perfection. outsource dessert and starter if you can. Skip the chimmichurri and serve with mustard instead. REplace burnt carrot salad with a quick green salad. Chop spuds for the mash small so they cook asap. Try to keep calm 😉

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