Salt Crusted Burgers

15. salt crusted burgers

Salt Crusted Burgers

From ‘5 Ingredients 10 Minutes’ Print Book page 252

It’s hard to go past a good burger. I like to keep it simple by just using good quality beef mince (ground beef) and cooking them on a bed of salt to give a delicious meaty crust.

per person:
200g – 225g(7-8oz) minced (ground) meat

1. Heat a frying pan or skillet on a super high heat for at least 3 minutes. You want it smoking hot.

2. Meanwhile shape meat into burger patties.

3. Sprinkle a very fine layer of fine salt onto the pan and slide the burgers on top. Cook for 4 minutes then turn, adding a little more salt.

4. Once the burgers are turned, cook for another 4 minutes or until burgers are how you like them.


meat – beef is of course the clasic. But buffalo, lamb, pork, chicken or turkey are all good. Just make sure there’s a bit of fat so they aren’t too dry.

vegetarian – we’ll cover my favourite veggie burger recipe for meat free monday next week.

to serve on a burger bun – halve the amount of meat per person and make a thinner burger. Cook for just 2-3 minutes each side.

Leftover Potential?

The burgers will keep in the fridge for a few days. Reheat gently in a pan before serving.

Problem Solving Guide

too bland – Season with salt & pepper or serve with a well flavoured sauce such as ketchup or BBQ sauce.

too salty – cooking burgers on a salt crust this way, you need to be careful not to add too much salt. Next time use less, for now try scraping off the salty outer crust. Also make sure you don’t add salt to the meat when forming the patties – there will be enough seasoning from the crust.

too dry – next time try and use meat with a higher fat content.

burgers burning – cooking the burgers over a very high heat like this, you need to make sure they aren’t too thick, otherwise the middle won’t be cooked and the ourside will be burned.

burgers undercooked
– again its important to make sure you make your burger thin enough so it will cook in a few minutes. If you’re unsure whether they’re cooked enough or not, cut into the burgers with a knife to have a look. With practice you’ll learn when they’re done but for now the best way to know is to look!

Serving Suggestions

Great with ketchup, fires and a green salad or ‘slaw.


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