10 Minute Simple Soups Overview


Welcome to the 10 Minute Simple Soups Masterclass!

One of the huge benefits of learning online, in the comfort of your home is that it’s easy to share the learning experience with your family and friends. I encourage you to get your family or flatmates involved as much as you can. After all, its the same price for your whole household to learn!

10 Minute Simple Soups Masterclass Video

View the video or read the transcript over HERE.

10-Minute Soup Recipes:

If you have special dietary requirements, please still explore ALL of the recipes, even if the title doesn’t sound like it would be a match for you. Mostly there is a way to adapt the recipe to suit your situation listed in the variations.

Your Homework

Choose AT LEAST 1 soup from the list above. Buy the ingredients during the next week. Make for dinner one evening for yourself (and your family or friends) during the next week. If you like leave a comment about your experience. How easy you found the soup? Whether you liked it? Would you cook it again? Don’t be shy!

More Soup Love…

See the Simple Guide to Soup.

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