Soupstones START HERE!

1. Watch the Welcome Video

2. Download Your First Meal Plan

You’ll get the next meal plan on Friday morning (Australian time).
To get a head start, choose one of the meal plans below to download:

* My First Meal Plan [Warmer Weather]
* My First Meal Plan [Cooler Weather]

Remember to start small.
Choose 1-2 recipes to cook, go shopping and have some fun in the kitchen!

**Super Important!**
Make sure you use Adobe Reader to open your meal plan pdfs – its FREE!
For your computer:
For your mobile device:

3. Checkout Your Bonuses

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Click HERE to access your FREE Bonuses.

4. Say ‘Hi’

Come on over to the Discussion Support Group to introduce yourself and get to know the other members.

I logon pretty much every day and I’d love to hear how you’re finding things!

With love,
Jules x

ps. Need help?
Either leave a comment anywhere on the site or email me

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Betsy Salunek October 30, 2017

Although it all seems overwhelming…tonight I made the Paneer dish for the Vegetarian husband. Normally, I ask him if he liked the dish when I tried something new. Tonight, he stopped, looked at me and with surprise on his face gave it the thumbs up and said, “delicious!!”

I’m a bit lost trying to follow all this printed you include lunches and breakfasts??


jules October 30, 2017

Glad your husband enjoyed it Betsy!

Sorry if you’re finding it overwhelming. I try and include lots of information to make sure you’re covered for different situations.

The meal plans are just 5 dinners + 1 dessert every week.

No lunches or breakfasts because I wanted to keep it simple.

But I have created a separate one-off lunch-only meal plan to include as a bonus for 6 month+ members. And will do something similar for breakfasts but these will always be separate.

Sounds like you’re on the right track. Just keep choosing 1-2 meals at a time and take it from there.

Is there anything else you’re struggling with?


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