Zucchini & Chicken Pad Thai

Zucchini & Chicken Pad Thai-2

Zucchini & Chicken Pad Thai

Pad Thai used to be one of my benchmark dishes to judge a Thai restaurant is. When done right, it’s a wonderful dish busting with fresh flavours and textural contrast.

Of course since having diabetes and going Low Carb, it’s been years since I last had Pad Thai.

Then the other day I was picking zucchini in the garden and wondering what I could do with it… And so my Zucchini & Chicken version of Pad Thai was born!

I’ve kept the ketchup because it adds such depth of flavour along with the sweetness and it’s only a few tablespoons. Plus I’ve been using a sugar-reduced ketchup which is surprisingly tasty. However, if you want to steer clear of the sugar then use tomato puree or tomato paste.

I use super hot Thai ‘birds eye’ chillies but any fresh chilli like serrano will work.

enough for: 2
takes: 30 minutes

2 medium zucchini
3 tablespoons lime juice + an extra lime to serve
2 tablespoons tomato ketchup
2 tablespoons fish or soy sauce
1-2 small chopped red chillies
2 tablespoons oil
4 chicken thigh fillets, sliced
2 eggs
1 bunch coriander (cilantro), leaves picked
large handful roasted peanuts

1. Spiralize zucchini or slice into ribbons using a mandoline or vegetable peeler. Toss with a pinch of fine salt and allow to stand for a few minutes.

2. Combine lime juice, ketchup, fish / soy sauce, chilli and oil in a small bowl. Taste and adjust seasoning with more lime / fish sauce / ketchup as needed. You’re looking for a balance between sour, salty and sweet.

3. Heat a little oil in a very hot wok or large frying pan. Add chicken and stir fry until just cooked through. Place cooked chicken in a small bowl.

4. Pat zucchini dry with paper towel. Whisk eggs with a pinch of salt in a small bowl and get ready to bring it all together.

5. Return wok / frying pan to the heat. Add a little more oil and pour in egg. Allow to cook for 30 seconds or until starting to form an omelette. Stir egg then quickly add zucchini and sauce. Stir well and allow everything to warm for a minute or so. Remove from the heat and stir in the cooked chicken.

6. To serve, divide chicken and zucchini noodle mixture between two bowls. Top with coriander / cilantro leaves, peanuts and extra lime.

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WINE MATCH: Thai food is best with a crisp cold beer. If you’re like me an insist on having wine with everything, a dry white wine like Riesling or Pinot Gris is best.

Variations & Substitutions

vegetarian – increase the eggs or replace chicken with firm tofu, extra peanuts or chickpeas.

nut-free – add a handful bean sprouts for crunch.

different nuts – also great with cashews or macadamias.

more substantial – increase the eggs, peanuts and/or chicken.

carb-lovers – replace zucchini noodles with rice noodles, other noodles or spaghetti cooked according to the packet. Or serve with steamed jasmine rice.

paleo / sugar-free / very low carb – replace tomato ketchup with tomato puree. And use the fish sauce option instead of the soy.

egg-free – replace with extra peanuts or chicken.

more veg – add any veg you enjoy in a stir fry. Snow peas, bean sprouts, green beans, capsicum (bell peppers) are all great.

Prepare Ahead

The zucchini can be spiralized up to 3 days ahead. Don’t add the salt and keep in an airtight container in the fridge. Everything else is best hot from the wok.

Zucchini & Chicken Pad Thai

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