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reclaim your waistline

Love your food but also love feeling good about yourself?

Struggle to find the time to prepare healthy, delicious meals?

Confused by all the conflicting information around healthy eating?

Ever wished you could be more organised with your pantry and shopping?

Fed up with the constant battle to lose or maintain your weight?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Reclaim Your Waistline class is for YOU, because you deserve to look great and feel AMAZING.

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Based on a combination of techniques from two New York Times best selling authors, Gary Taubes (Why We Get Fat) and Timothy Ferriss (The 4-hour Body), Reclaim Your Waistline is a simple, healthy way of eating that will effortlessly get you to your ideal weight and keep you there. The focusing is on simple, delicious 5 ingredients 10 minutes recipes all made with real food.

what you will learn:

  • A new simple way of eating that will effortlessly get you to your ideal weight and keep you there without having to count calories, carbs or any other complications.
  • The basic science behind why this way of eating works.
  • Why excessive exercise doesn’t help you loose weight over the long term.
  • How to prepare meals in 10 minutes or less – faster than it takes to dial a pizza.
  • All the basic cooking skills you need to be confident in the kitchen including seasoning, stir frying, pan frying, roasting, steaming & knife skills.
  • How to organise your shopping and maximise the shelf life of fresh produce.
  • Over 35 new healthy & delicious 5 ingredient recipes – that will inspire and motivate you.
  • How to adapt recipes based on what’s in your fridge & pantry.
  • How to customise recipes for your dietary requirements or allergies.

video tour of the virtual cookery school & how it works

how it works:

It has long been recognised by scientists that Insulin is the key regulator of fat storage. As Gary Taubes explains in Why We Get Fat, ‘When insulin levels are elevated, we accumulate fat in our fat tissue, when these levels fall, we burn fat for fuel.’

So of course now you’re wondering what determines our insulin levels? And the answer is predominately carbohydrates from our diet. Mostly the fewer carbohydrates we eat, the leaner we will be.

Low carbohydrate diets, which work on this principle, aren’t new. And they have been proven to work. But there’s a reason why they haven’t solved our obesity epidemic. Low carbohydrate diets are difficult to stick to over the long term.

And this is where Reclaim Your Waistline comes in. Inspired by the Slow-Carb Diet by Timothy Ferriss in his brilliant book, The Four Hour Body, you will learn how to loose weight without cutting out bread, potatoes and pasta and all the things you love from your diet completely. Tim advocates having one day a week as your ‘cheat’ day, where you get to eat and drink as much as you like of whatever you want.

The second key difference in the Slow-Carb Diet is that it encourages you to eat lots of higher protein carbohydrates such as beans and lentils. These help to minimise the amount of insulin in your system, while allowing you to feel full without overdoing the meat. It also encourages plenty of vegetables, particularly the leafy greens.

benefits of learning online:

  • Learn from the comfort of home with your own ingredients & equipment.
  • Save on transport / parking / babysitting hassles.
  • Learn in your own time / pace.
  • Share your learning experience with your partner / family – One price for your whole household!
  • Share your creations on the exclusive members only flickr group.
  • Meet people from all around the world.
  • No getting lumped in to cook with a group of strangers.
  • Recipes are customised for your dietary requirements / preferences.
  • Learn from anywhere – even if you need to travel.


4 weeks. Material NOW ONLINE

weekly course topics:

Week 1. Slow Carb Basics – why we get fat, how to get started & how it works.
Week 2. How to develop your new healthy cooking habit.
Week 3. Common Mistakes & How to Avoid them.
Week 4. Fresh Ingredients 101: Planning, Shopping, Storing & Managing.

course schedule:

On the 19th February and the three Saturdays following, the weekly class material will be posted on the Virtual Cookery School website including:
– a detailed video discussing the weekly topic + a written transcript
– 7-10 written recipes, modified to suit your dietary requirements, each with short instructional videos
– suggestions for substitutions / additions to each recipe
– a potential pitfall and troubleshooting guide for each recipe
– a fun, no-pressure assignment for homework

throughout the year
– A private discussion group exists setup for all participants so you can upload photos of your creations if you would like. This is a great opportunity to interact with the other students in the class and ask questions.
– Or email your questions to Jules as they arise.


A willingness to learn and internet access.

Sounds like just the thing for you?

* 4 week Virtual Cookery Class – Reclaim Your Waistline for your whole household
* Access to the ALL classes at The Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School
* Recipes adapted for your dietary requirements / allergies

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what previous students are saying about the stonesoup virtual cookery school

carrie, manitoba

Wow, it’s so cool to see the directions you’re going with Stonesoup – go girl!! Your course has been awesome (both myself and my family thank you for the amazing dinners we’ve been having lately!) Thank you also for the two bonus weeks, I may never defrost a turkey again!!

It really was an awesome course – the depth and amount of info you provided was really amazing – between the videos, and extra tips and suggestions to modify each recipe to your own tastes, there’s no way you can fail! And it’s fun (I can’t believe that I – queen of dinner reservations – am saying that, but it is fun!)

joshua, victoria

Jules, thank you for the Virtual Cookery School. My girlfriend and I have been using recipes from your cookbooks for almost four weeks now, we love the basic ingredient lists, the simplistic method for cooking and the speed from preparation to eating. The other thing my girlfriend likes is the fact that there are quite a lot of vegetarian meals included. So again thank you.

I must admit I was always a little intimidated to get into the kitchen and cook, especially if I was meant to be cooking for myself but now with your recipes I feel much more confident to give cooking a go especially with my girlfriend. And I think that when I move out of home that the basic pantry guide is a really good starting for starting an entirely new kitchen.

So thank you again and I look forward to more delicious recipes in the future.

nancy, victoria

You are amazing. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have (and still am) learning from you.

Your Solve Your Dinner Dilemma is a gem of a course and has opened up my mind to so many possibilities and freed up my time to focus on our little business.

shirley, ontario

Jules, was thinking this morning about the experience of my first on-line education, and decided your course had earned my 5-apple designation.

So 5 apples to the teacher who gave me this experience and left me with so much inspiration and knowledge to take forward into my cooking world.

Still have a few questions?

Then check out the FAQ page or email jules[at]thestonesoup[dot]com.

the disclaimer

While your teacher, Jules Clancy does have an honours degree in food science, she is not a doctor or nutritionist. Everyone’s situation is unique. You should use discretion and consult a health care practitioner before starting a new diet. The Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School expressly disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use or application of the information provided in by the School.

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